About Chris and Lisa


We are two food and travel lovers who fell in love. Most of our conversations revolve around what we are going to eat next or where in the world we’d like to be eating it! Here’s a little bit more about us.

Chris is a not only a food nerd, he’s a big nerd in general. He originally wanted to be a physicist (see what I mean?) but then found his way eventually to speech pathology via choral conducting. And now he’s a college professor. Did I mention he’s a nerd? He also really loves cooking. And eating.  And watching nerdy TV shows with his equally hungry wife, Lisa.

Lisa is the heart and soul of this operation, and is only slightly less nerdy, and perhaps slightly more hungry. Lisa is also an educator, but her passions range from singing to art to dreaming up new and exciting ways to bring more food and travel to their lives!

Oh. And they have two cats named Olivia and Oliver. Did I mention they were nerds? Chris and Lisa, that is, not the cats. The cats are cool. Bow ties having nothing on them. (Forgive the oblique Doctor Who reference. Nerds, remember?)