Europe, Here We Come!

We are gearing up for our first really big trip of our marriage, and also our inaugural trip as 2 Hungry Travelers. We are SO ready to get underway! Here’s just a teaser for what awaits us. We’re going to some of the greatest food cities on the planet! Time to break out our eatin’ pants. We are going to:

Barcelona, Spain

This might be the place we are most excited about, because we know so little about the city, except that the food is supposed to be mind blowing! I think there’s some mystery and energy about the city that intrigues us, and we’ve watched a few shows that feature different locations and the food that is available. The PBS show “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” is really fun (more episodes planned for Netflix!) and the episode in Barcelona really got us longing to go dive in face first. Phil’s quote from the episode says it all: “It’s as if you were in an art directed movie of the greatest foods on Earth.” Works for us!

Rome, Italy

Did someone say gelato? I think that’s the first thing that comes to mind when Rome is mentioned. (But Lisa says Paris actually has some that’s better! We will have to research this extensively…) We’ve also watched a lot of travel shows and YouTube videos about visiting and eating in Rome, and we are definitely ready for the whole experience. I think the idea of the traditional, hearty Roman fare is especially appealing. I think the pasta dish we want most to try is the famous cacio e pepe. Even though it seems simple to make, it’s one of those things that just has to be perfect, so I think we’ll leave it to the experts. Forks at the ready for twirling!

Venice, Italy

Venice is perhaps the place we are looking forward to the most from a sight-seeing perspective. As crowded and tourist-driven as the city has become, I don’t think anything can dampen the magical allure of the place itself. It’s a place that even people who really no nothing of Italy can conjure up in their mind’s eye, and to actually be there will certainly be thrilling. Lisa is most looking forward to singing one of her beloved Italian art songs she learned when she studied voice, while floating down the canals in a gondola. We figure if we supply the music instead of the gondolier, surely we get a discount??

Florence, Italy

We just watched the most recent Dan Brown thriller movie adaptation, Inferno, which is set mostly in Florence. So we are certainly primed for the visual explosion of famous art and architecture that we’ll soon see. The movie didn’t feature anything about food (just creepy clues from Dante’s Inferno and a mad dash to save the world from a new plague…not exactly building up our appetite for the city), but we have a few things in mind we are looking to try. We are eating vegetarian these days for the most part, but Chris (at least) is looking forward to getting his mouth around a giant bistecca fiorentina, which is an obscenely huge, thick and crusty hunk of beef. Yeah, gotta try it at least once. And I think the Tuscan cuisine in general might end up being our favorite, based on what we’ve heard about and eaten before.

Paris, France

This is the only place on the list that at least one of us has visited before. Lisa has been more than once and fell in love with the vibe of the different arrondissements (city districts), the open-air markets, and the amazing thing that is rotisserie chicken and potatoes in Paris. It looks like this:

See how the potatoes are ever-so-conveniently located below the golden and dripping birds? Yeah, that’s on purpose. The lovely chicken fat coats the potatoes and makes for some delightful eating. We are sure to seek this out at least once. In between courses of pastries, cheese and wine. As a palate cleanser, of course.

We are particularly excited about this Paris Pass. Quite a deal and will allow us to see so many sights in the short time we will be there.

So stay tuned as we head overseas and begin to share about our experiences and all the great food we discover. If the blog remains quiet, it’s probably because we exceeded the weight limit for our plane’s takeoff on the way home. It’s a real possibility.

2 thoughts on “Europe, Here We Come!”

  1. Some awesome places you have slated. Tuscany is probably our favorite of the ones you are visiting. Try to venture out from Florence into the Tuscan Hill Towns and explore. You will not be disappointed. 🙂 And the gelato is good all over Europe for the most part…but of course you should try them all.

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